Look into my eyes...

Meet “M” – M for Middle Manager, M for Meat Puppet, M for Misdirected Empowerment.
On this, the worst day of M’s miserable life, he loses everything, but manages to regain his
self-respect through the questionable act of arresting it from a little girl.

From The Director’s Statement
“On one level, [the film] is the story of a small man, a middle manager, who having lost his job,
and more importantly, his self-esteem, desires to leave his former place of employment with the
little dignity he has retained. Along his way, he is confronted by a child: someone with her own
desire, who does not and cannot understand any of the humiliations that this simple man has
recently endured. Her desire is pure: she needs to be seen and acknowledged, and in a sense,
allowed to reframe the world into one of her own design. As he attempts tosatisfy his need,

The better to smell you with...
she attempts to satisfy hers, with a resultant outcome of his regaining the full measure of his
self-esteem at the expense of a small piece of her innocence – he smacks away the lollipop
that had served her so well in her quest to transform the world.”
To cry on...NOT!
Think CRASH baby...The scene in the car with James Spader... Not from the hairs...you know the rest.