M's eyes find their way closed.

                                   CELLULAR VOICE
I mean, just seeing those stupid, butterball, tears, well...I thought I'd
won the lotto.  But the best part...the best part for me anyway, was
catching that little whimper when I tore up the lease on your
corporate condo...


The phone pulled away, the humiliation continues.

                                CELLULAR VOICE
So anyway, take care.   Don't worry about the stuff in your desk.
We'll send out anything that doesn't make it to the bonfire.  Ciao.



An invisible bell CHIMES, and an empty faux-stone atrium plays
host to DRAGGING DOORS.  A body emerges from behind a
facade -- M, still holding the phone, still MURMURING.


He takes a second to compose himself, closing the phone and
depositing it into his coat pocket.


Quiet now, it almost looks like he might be harboring a little bit of
hope.  It withers, and it only takes two steps.   He looks up as...