Look into my eyes...
Patricia Kerrigan (Casting Director)

Having worked with prominent casting directors Bonnie Timmermann, Francine Maisler, Howard Feuer and Juliet Taylor, Patricia was the casting associate on Quiz Show, Primary Colors, Angela's Ashes, You've Got Mail, Made (to be released in 2001, and directed by Jon Favreau) and the last six Woody Allen films (including Curse of the Jade Scorpion).  She was also the casting director on the feature No Exit, which bowed at Cannes in 1995, and a number of award-winning short films including, Emily's Last Date, The Blue Room, A Taste of Earth, Ruben, and Second Skin by Amy Talkington. Her latest endeavor is, Diary of a Mad Freshman, a feature to be directed by Talkington.

The better to smell you with...
To cry on...NOT!
Think CRASH baby...The scene in the car with James Spader... Not from the hairs...you know the rest.